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Where do the things we don't know live? What forms can they take? Is strangeness something to fear? Falten is a dance performance made by adults as children, for children facing the task of growing up. It can be frightening to find a piece of crocodile-shaped paper lost in the corner of the room. But that is not a crocodile. It's a Bicho. And that's not a room. It's a lost planet.
Adventures about meeting otherness and its possibilities are the starting point for the trip to FALTEN's Paperland. A place where folds find unfinished shapes and we don't know where they go. Between fear and curiosity, the dancers' bodies draw shapes with white paper, harmonizing and distancing theirselves. Is there a unique form? Does Paper have no color? Let our imagination be an invitation.
FALTEN is inspired by the work of the Brazilian visual artist Lygia Clark and her series of articulable sculptures: Bichos


Supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.




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