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The stage production of GAMEOVER intersects dance and sound performance. This performance is aimed at audiences from the age of 12+. Inspired by gaming cultures, the work  parallels real life experiences at a fast pace.
GAMEOVER invites you on an intermedial journey: coded with sensors worn by the performers and in the set, movement activates sound through motion.
Choreographer and Director Mab Cardoso invites the audience into this world using the content, philosophies and aesthetics of the gaming world.
What worlds do we inhabit? How do we shape these worlds and what challenges do we face? How can avatars we select in gaming cultures transform the perception of ourselves? When live performers act as avatars, physical and virtual worlds collide!

Enter into the next level,  

Ready, Player 2:

Welcome to GAMEOVER

Supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, Kulturstiftung Hamburg, Fond Darstelende Kunst

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